An “under the covers” look at Lotus Connections

Mitch Cohen has put together a step by step walk though of his Lotus Connections implementation. Mitch goes beyond his choices and presents all the different implementation options, i.e., db flavors, directory integration, etc. It’s a great introduction to this exciting and very MODERN offering from Lotus.

If you’re interested in taking a peek under the covers, do check his post out!

Now the story behind the story. Mitch starts his post expalaining how it came to be. Now my side of the story. Simply, thanks for posting this Mitch. I literally walked out of the Connections demos at Lotusphere saying to myself… “Cool, but what does it look like under the hood???”. Having read your post I can now visualize it.

If anyone is urning to see a topic blogged about; like I was, don’t hesitate to post it here. You never know, someone might just pick it up.

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