7 thoughts on “How to save 609 MB of disk space in a couple of seconds

  1. David Vasta

    I just don’t use Office anymore, if I remove it the software gets reinstalled via one of those desktop managers. I use Symphony for most things. On rare and I mean rare occasions I have to open Office and loath it.

    If you run Lotus, just run Symphony and save your company that much more money.

  2. Yancy Lent Post author

    @Bruce, it was a play on vowe’s post. Yes, to me, at the time, it was funny. It was not meant to be take seriously. I’ve added an update.

  3. Nathan T. Freeman

    Yancy, first off, it was hilarious.

    Second, the incremental space requirements for Symphony when you’re already running Notes isn’t 500MB. It’s probably a safe bet that the substantial majority of your users are running Notes.

    Third, the original post you’re riffing off of was just stupid. Windows is terrible about temporary file management in general. I just checked my user Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files folder. It’s over 900MB. Your Recycle Bin is probably 10% the size of your hard drive (I think that’s the Windows default), so you could easily get back 10GB of space in most environments by emptying it.

    The thing is, I don’t know anyone who worries about consuming 500MB or even 1000MB of disk anymore. Those are numbers we worry about moving across the wire, not retaining on a drive.

    Maybe it’s a Mac thing to have to worry about how much free space you have. Windows users just buy dirt cheap drives and expand capacity.

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