Stop Sametime window popping up in Sametime 8.02

This was reset during the Notes 8.5.1 upgrade . I can never remember where to stop the Sametime windows from popping up, hence, this post, to help in the future.

Preferences > Sametime > Notifications > One-on-one chat.

Deselect -> “Bring chat window to front.”

35 thoughts on “Stop Sametime window popping up in Sametime 8.02

  1. Rachit

    This helps, but the pop up still opens..
    If you have some other window on top, the pop up will stay behind that window..
    However, If you have no other window open, when you get a chat pop up, you’ll notice that it pops up just like usual..

    Is there any way to keep it completely minimized?

  2. Deepika Miskin

    Thanks a lot…it helpded me a lot……i used to get troubled by those pop up a lot in middle of my work..

  3. Sripathi

    Took a while to figure out that i have select one-on-one chat line in notifications to see this option. Wish i have known this a year before. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  4. Heath

    Thank you, this was driving me nuts! I never thought to click on one-on-one chat. It’s deceiving since you think you are deselecting in general but it’s just the Calender option. I’m a much calmer person now and you are a wonderful person!

  5. Krystal

    Changing this preference does not work. My new chat windows still pop up to the front.

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