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Pan Mass. Challenge 2008 Official Finisher

It was everything and more then I ever thought it would be. Here are my thoughts and reflections on this amazing event. Friday Evening I arrived at the Sturbridge Guest Hotel at around 5 and was quickly overwhelmed. There were people and bikes everywhere. I made my way to the registration area after getting a… Read More »

He’ll get there by Noon.

This weekend is the big ride and my mind is mush. The stress of getting everything right is both useful and useless. I know in the end everything will run smoothly but the stress in a way helps me to make sure I get to that end; that successful end. I have such a draw… Read More »

101.5 mile ride today. I’m ready.

By the numbers. Time 5:30:28 at the 100 mile turn over. Avg. MPH 18.1 Water bottles emptied 4.5, half Gatorade, half water. PowerBars: 5 (PowerBar Performance / Peanut Butter) Pain meds: 2 Advil at the 60 mile mark; shoulders. (3 more when im done writing this) Minutes listening to my iPod: 0 Miles drafting behind… Read More »

Training Update

What is the proper training for a two day, 192 mile ride? I’ve asked this over and over again to anyone that’s done the big miles and each time I get different answer. They range from, if you can do 50, you’re fine, up to, and my favorite, do the distance for your training, in… Read More »

Emotionally Drained

I am in awe of the outpouring of generosity from the greater Lotus community. Thank you everyone, and this isn’t the last time I will say it.. thank you for your donation. When someone makes a donation, I don’t learn about it until hours later and they come in batches; the batch have been overwhelming.… Read More »

Help me say FUCK YOU to CANCER

Please read this first…  I have been thinking about this day for months, the day that I change gears and start training for my 192 mile charity bike ride on August 2nd and 3rd.  I invite you to join me on the journey.   I have launched to reach out to our greater Lotus… Read More »