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Technorati API… we’re waiting…

I got an email from a blogger on Planet SharePoint telling me his Technorati ranking wasn’t being updated. I spent about an hour looking over the code, nothing out of place, did a google search, nothing. Then decided to login to my Technorati account and check my API key status, and that’s when I saw this.

Technorati Developers
Our new API is currently under construction. Our new search technology will allow us to provide several new and interesting API features. As it gets near completion, we will announce the new features. If you are a current API user, please note the legacy API will remain in operation until October 25, 2009.


This is pretty amazing. The services has been down for just over 4 months with no new API to take its place. It’s almost as if it was abandon. This is a real shame, not even an update.

It looks like all us Duck Soup users are out of luck. Kailash Nadh, if you’re reading this please consider updating your fine code with the Technorati updates, when they get around to it.